Monday, March 28, 2016

Our Wedding Story

     Today you're going to be getting TWO videos! First up, I wanted to get a little personal with you all...Not like that! But I wanted to show everyone my (almost) finished wedding project and tell you the story of how it all happened...and how we got to where we did. And ok; its the super abridged version, I can't go through an entire 5 years in a few minutes, but its still my favorite story to tell.
     I also thought I'd give you guys a quick flip of my personal junk journal. I did one not too long ago, but I've finished a few pages and thought it'd be a good time to give it a flip now that I don't do my pages in chronological in this book. Again; lots of wedding stuff! I can't help it; It was truly my own fairy tale that I'm still reliving every day! Check out the video below for all that!

      And because I couldn't wait any longer---I HAVE to show you the happy mail that inspired the "door" in our YouTube Junk Journal! This package was absolutely so fun to go through, and packed full of inspiration! Thank you again so much, D.!

(And for those wondering; the flip book is where I'm putting poetry and quotes now!)

     Thanks again so much to everyone! Have a fabulous week!


Saturday, March 26, 2016

LMAJJ p. 8 And Happy Mail

     Why not shove these into one blog post, shall we? I got some super awesome happy mail from two fabulous ladies other week! If you haven't already watched the video, go ahead and check that out! I did forget to do photos for that video, but I guess that means you just have to watch extra hard! I honestly cannot thank everyone enough! This had been so incredible (even if my husband is getting super jealous of all the fun mail I've been getting!) and really not at all anything I ever expected!

     And of course, I can't forget about the next installment of LMAJJ! I really just wanted to make art. Not anything really specific, but just do a bunch of things that felt really good and call it art. My favorite way to do it! I also wanted to quick show off my altered Altoid's tin. This is something I used to do a lot when I was a teenager, so it was fun to try it again. I have definitely caught the bug and want to alter everything! Watch the video below to see what I did, and then click the Read More below to see photos!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

LMAJJ Part 7

     I promised it would happen today, and here it is! Another episode of Let's Make A Junk Journal! Another quick hidden journaling lesson, as well as fancying up some journal cards super quick. This time I also show off some of my other projects, too.
      So story time; The other day, my husband asked me to make him a journal. You could imagine my absolute excitement when I heard him say that!! "Of COURSE I'll make you one!" I said and off I went. He wanted something to keep his loose seeds in that he collects throughout the year. The journal required pockets, envelopes, as well as journal space to write about the plants or ideas. The journal is far from finished, but I have a the first signature finished so you can get the idea of how it will look when it's all together. I'll have photos of that in a later post with a video when it's totally finished (and maybe I can  trick talk him into a few photos of it being used!)
     In the video I also show off my cute little journal made from a Re-Ment blind box! If you haven't started to make miniatures of everything you're already doing; I suggest starting now. If you know me, you know I love anything teeny tiny and cute-- and this journal really fits the bill! However, though it may be small in size, it's a massively thick journal! There are so many different and fun papers in this journal, full of pockets, and lots journal cards made of Japanese ephemera; it's more delicious looking than the curry on the box!

Watch the video then click below to see close ups of what we worked on today!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Happy Mail From Irit!

        I know you guys are probably sick of these videos at this point, but the past few days have been really busy and I haven't been able to record another process or flip through video to fill in some gaps. I do though however, also want to be sure that everyone who's sent me something gets the same thank you as everyone else has been at this point! So without further ado, a huge THANK YOU to Irit for her super fun package she sent me!! Irit is all the way from Israel, so she had some extra fun goodies to look through! Check out the video below, and click the read more for a few close ups!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Play Time With Acrylics and Dylusions!

     Last week I got some super awesome packages from some super awesome ladies, and I know you all have been dying to see what I've been up to with all the goodies I received! There are just so many different things that I can do now, and it's almost overwhelming! I have really been playing in every sense of the word, with all the different mediums available to me now. So many things I haven't used since I was a teenager, and so many things I've never tried before at all; I've been doing a little bit of everything to see what calls to me the most.
     My first discovery while playing Mad Art Scientist was that white Dylusion Spray is literally everything. And that Dylusions in general are something I now know I can no longer live without. That bubble gum pink is just so vibrant and fun, and the different effects you can get; from drips, to marbling, to watercolor like painting...oh, it's addictive.
     Check out the video below to see some different projects I've been working on PLUS a fun paint and spray process of an old mail ad. Then click the Read More below to see close ups of the finished painted product, and what I've done to with it so far!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy Mail From Maria!

     The day after I received two super awesome packages....I got another one in the mail from Maria! You could not imagine my surprise after walking to the post office and being handed this giant box! I honestly don't even know what to say beyond THANK YOU, and she will be getting a little something fun in the mail, too (as well as everyone who's sent me a's just going to take me a bit!)!
     Check out the video below to see the amazing goodies Maria sent...of course I totally forgot to take photos. So just watch for them in future art videos ;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Lots of Goodies!

   Happy Tuesday, everyone ;) Well, it's been one week since we got married! It's been a great week; Matt is feeling better, The Walking Dead put out another epic episode, and I got some really amazing packages from some really amazing people. I'll be filming and editing a wedding video this Thursday, so watch out for that!

     First, if you haven't already, check out the amazingly generous happy mail I received from OregonJocy of YouTube and @ SnailMailScrapper of Instagram!  I am so beyond grateful, everything is so amazing...and I CANNOT stop playing! I'll have a video up soon on what I've been doing, too!

Check the Read More for the rest...PHOTOS and ANOTHER VIDEO!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

I GOT MARRIED!!! (And playing in my giant J.J.)

     We did it! We're officially married. And I cannot tell you how absolutely weird it is. I still feel like I'm barely over 17, how the heck could I be someone's wife? The wedding was just amazing, even if it was very small. The people at the town hall set up an arch and flowers for us to marry under. And hearing, Matthew (my husband, omg!), say our vows (which happen to be from the Corpse Bride) made me smile like an idiot before I caught myself. It was all so surreal and I can't help but beam whenever I think of it. I'll have an official video post of our wedding; how we did it, clips if the vows, and everything in between.
     But until then here is a video of the wedding album I've been working on (and my Junk Journal because why not). Also a bit of a mail haul and a giant THANK YOU to Roxanne for the gorgeous wedding stickers!

     I also thought I would give you guys a quick update on the Maker Max Studios situation. They had originally told me, several times, that I was looking at the YouTube numbers wrong. That I was not accounting for the cut that YouTube takes. Well, except...I was. You see, there are two different numbers YouTube gives you (ok, there's more like 9, but for this scenario...). One number is what we make all together, and the other one is the number after YouTube takes it's cut from all different platforms--YouTube Red, ads, fan funding-- That's the "estimated revenue" that a YouTuber first sees. Therefore, Maker was of course, wrong. As always. So I asked again, and explained the difference in the YouTube numbers, letting them know I'm not an idiot, and I can in fact read. I finally got a response that it does in fact look like they left out my YouTube Red earnings AND my Transactions Earnings (which is Fan Funding), and that they're going to send it to the next department for further investigation. Basically- I was right, they were wrong, and I'll probably never see my money again. But I will hold out hope that they've seen the forum posts, and that they're aware of the videos, and that they're willing to set it right. I won't speak highly or well of them, but it would be a step forward to keeping me away from the support tickets for a little while.

     Enough business. On to the fun stuff. Below the cut in the Read More is close ups of the journals as well as some wedding photos (But only because Debbie W. asked ;) )

Monday, March 7, 2016

Junk Journal Page!

     I'm sorry if this is poorly written, but....guys.....I'm getting married tomorrow! It still hasn't completely hit me yet. My family that's coming to the wedding is here. My grandma and mom are picking up a bouquet for me in the morning. My grandma brought me my something borrowed (an antique opal bracelet). My dad asked to walk me down the aisle. Bu it didn't start to feel real until, while dropping me off, my mom reminded me the next time I sit in her truck, we won't be sharing the same last name. I've had this name for 27 years, it's impossible to think it's really going to be something different. How is this all really happening tomorrow? When did this become my life?
     To us, this is just a continuation of our life together. We decided a few years ago that this was it. We weren't ever getting married, but we vowed to each other that we were committed. This really is a ceremony of our love for each other. To be a family, officially. It's been a stressful week to the finish line, but here we go. One more short sleep, and I will be....well...married!

Anyway, on to the art!
     If you haven't seen it already, this would be the newest installment of "Let's Make a Junk Journal" on my channel! This time I use a bunch of tiny goodies that I have been holding onto for too long, go crazy with the Modge-Podge,...but I made ART!
Check the Read More below for closeups of the journal pages done in the video.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Happy Mail!

     I got a super fun happy mail package from a subscriber named Christine the other day! She had let me know she was sending some glass beads, but she added some extra cute surprises inside. I've already started to use some of the fabulous goodies; so there are a few missing from the photos to follow. But hey! At least this time I remembered to record all the goodies before I ran off to play!

Click below to see some close ups!

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Secret Journaling


Thank goodness for cute kittens
     Have you ever had one of those weeks where life reminds you that you just don't have as together as you think? Well, it's my turn this week. On Monday, my fiance, Matthew, came down with what we can only assume is the flu. He's feeling a bit better today (even going to try to go back to work!), but it's been a week of taking care of him, and the house, double time. Then of course, is that whole fiasco with Maker Max... which I'm probably letting get to me just a little too much. And to top it all off...we're set to get married in FIVE DAYS (and I still have no idea what to do with my hair!). Our last week as "singles", and it's been spent in pretty much discomfort between both parties.
     Alright, I'm being dramatic. It's only Thursday. And really in the grand scheme of things, this is just going to be another week we eventually move past and forget. Well, ya know, if it wasn't tied in with the memories of our last week before the wedding.
     BUT! That's looking on the not so bright side of things. The bright side would be that it gives us a ton of ammunition for our next journal projects!
     Seriously! There's nothing like stress and frustration to get the creative juices flowing. I've always found I'm my most creative when I'm my most emotional. But what if your journal is your happy place? Junk Journals are a source of positivity and good feelings for most of us; A place where negative thoughts aren't so welcome. Or maybe you're fine with having them there-- You're just worried someone might see it if they casually glance over, or, heaven forbid, actually flip through!          There are tons of solutions to letting out those negative feelings in terms of journaling. Like making a super secret notebook where only the bad thoughts go...And then you can burn it later. Or simply making a pocket in your Junk Journal, and tucking in a pretty embellished card...with not so pretty words on the back.
     In my next "episode" in my Let's Make a Junk Journal series, let's look at a couple other ways that you can sneak some deep feels into your art.

Click below for photos!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Not Sugar Coated But Still Sweet


     Well, here we are! Welcome to my blog! If you didn't get here by way of my YouTube and have no idea who I am... My name is Liz but I've gone by Sugar online since I was 12 years old. I'm 27, getting married to my childhood best friend, Matthew, in 5 days, and work in conservation and recreation in a semi-rustic campground. I'm also mildly obsessed with my two cats, Garth and Storm. I've been a Youtuber for 10 years, and for the most part...I love every second of it (but we'll get to that)! If you're not familiar with my channel, I was originally a beauty guru (LOL!) who made one little e-cig video that blew up. After that I was pigeon-holed as an e-cigarette reviewer. I totally loved my first. But I was on a mission to quit smoking, not just continue a new, similar habit. After quitting the vape life, I turned attention to my first love; art. Now I deal in journals, planners, and crafts in general. I also hope to expand my channel to life vlogs in the future as well-- Feel free to check out my channel here if you haven't done so already!
     Now that you've gotten to know me a little better, let's down to the nitty gritty-- click below for all the information on the new blog!


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